How to cool HP laptop that overheats and shuts down?

Many users of HP laptops experience different kinds of issues and one of them is the HP laptop overheating frequently. Therefore, the main reasons why an HP laptop overheats are listed below along with some common methods to prevent the situation. You may continue to read the document further if you are also experiencing a similar situation with your HP Envy, HP Omen Laptop, or HP Laptop G42.

HP laptop overheats

Laptop overheating symptoms

  • When you press the power button, you see that the computer freezes on a black screen. Apart from this, Windows does not start and if it starts it does not respond.
  • Basic tasks or applications take longer than usual to complete or open.
  • The system does not respond and suddenly restarts.
  • Windows displays an error message while you are using it.
  • When you try to play a game, it does not play.
  • You will experience that the fans inside the computer become louder as they start spinning faster to get rid of the heat.
  • You do not get any response from the mouse and keyboard.

Methods to prevent HP laptop from overheating

Go through the given instructions carefully to fix HP beats laptop overheating issue:

  • If you are experiencing fan overheating on HP laptop then you must use cooling mats from brands like Targus, Thermaltake, Xion, etc. You may get it from HP laptop stores.
  • You can also use wooden cardboard, plastic casing, and a lap desk to place your laptop. These kinds of surfaces allow easy airflow.
  • One should avoid using a laptop on a sofa, carpets, on double bed. You may also not use the laptop on folded blankets or pillows. Doing so can block the vents of your laptop which reduces airflow.
  • Try to use your laptop in a cool environment because the surrounding temperature can make a big difference in this situation.
  • Apart from this, you may use a heat sink.
  • You may also try to clean all parts of the laptop by using a brush after a certain interval.
  • If none of this works, try contacting HP Support.

Fix HP laptop overheating when charging

If you recall that the HP G60, HP G72, or HP Pavilion DV7 gets overheated while charging, then you may need to follow the guidelines given below to get rid of this problem.

  • If there a lot of software open on your computer, they make your computer work harder resulting in more heat generation. Hence, you should increase the efficiency of your computer which will result in lesser heat consumption.
  • You should not start software immediately after starting your laptop.
  • Try closing the software programs if you are not using them anymore.
  • Shut down or log off the Internet if you are not using it.
  • Try playing the game at a lower resolution and avoid charging the laptop simultaneously.

HP laptop overheating won’t turn on- Fix now

  • If you have recently made any changes to the hardware or software, then you might experience a similar situation.
  • You should try to use a different battery or adapter in your laptop.
  • Give a check for the blinking lights on your laptop and try to know why they are blinking.
  • Check for the issues in the DC port or the system board of your laptop. If they go faulty, then you will surely face a similar situation.
  • You may also try to plug the adapter into a different wall socket because sometimes there is a problem in the wall socket.

You may need to power reset the laptop if none of the aforementioned things help. If you do not wish to do so, then you may seek help from executives by dialing the HP number.

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