Fix HP Laptop Speaker Crackling

Sound crackling in speakers can be very annoying when you are listening to songs or watching movies. It ruins the overall experience and makes it unbearable to continue. Well, many people have faced the issue in their HP laptops and tried to find the error that is causing it. Although most of the time, the problem happens for wires interacting, problems with hardware, bad connections, and many others, people fail to detect it. Here are some of the methods that you can use to fix the crackling sound on the HP laptop.

HP Laptop Speaker Crackling

  • Update The Drivers

Audio drivers are one of the most important components that play a major part in delivering sound. It helps other software and the operating system to interact with the hardware. Most of the software is manufactured by different companies, some of the drivers might not be able to connect properly with the computer. You can reinstall the audio drives to fix the error as many times it happens because the drivers are not properly installed.

Uninstall the drivers and restart your computer, the missing drivers will be installed automatically. If that does not fix your issues, you need to update the drivers. To Update drivers, go to the device manager of the computer and expand the sound controllers to find audio drivers.

Right-click on audio drivers and you will get the option of updating drivers. Upon clicking on it, you will get a pop-up asking about browsing the updated version from the computer or search for it automatically. Either way, your drivers will be updated and it can fix your sound problem.

In HP Envy x360 Laptop, you will need to uninstall the audio drivers and replace them with other drivers from HP support with their on-screen instructions to fix the crackling sound.

  • Change Sound Format and Disable Exclusive Mode

One of the most common ways to fix your crackling problem is by changing the sound format. You can fix the crackling sound issue in HP Pavilion Laptop and other models by using this method. To change the sound format, you will need to right-click on the speaker icon displayed in the corner of the taskbar.

Click on the option “playback devices”, and a tab will appear where you will find the default speaker that you are using. Select it and click on properties and go to the advanced tab. Change the sample rate and bit depth to “16 bit, 44100 Hz” from the default and save the changes. It might help to fix the crackling sound in the speakers.

You will also get another option “Exclusive Mode” in the advanced tab, which can cause this sound problem. Just untick the box and save changes after changing the sound quality to fix the crackling problem successfully.

  • Disable Enhancements

Also, a very common problem that causes the crackling sound in speakers is the enhancements. Many sound drivers offer enhancement options to improve the sound quality and tweak the sound. If any of them fail to work properly, then it can create a crackling sound or sound problems. You will need to disable all the enhancement to get the stock output and restore default settings.

To do that, you will need to right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and go to the playback devices option. Select the currently playing audio device and click on properties. In the properties tab, you will get an option “Enhancements”, you will need to disable all the options by clicking on the “disable all” option. It will most probably fix the sound crackling issue on your HP laptop.

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