How to Fix a Thermal Shutdown in an HP computer?

Many HP computer users are complaining about the overheating issue on their HP laptops. Sometimes an HP computer can be overheated and there could be various reasons after the overheating issue. If your HP computer is overheating frequently then you may have to face the HP thermal shutdown issue with it. Overheating of an HP computer can make several damages to internal parts of the computer and reduce the life of your computer. So, if you are also facing the HP thermal shutdown problem in the HP laptop then stay with us. Today we are going to talk about the tactics that will surely help you to fix a thermal shutdown issue in an HP computer.

hp thermal shutdown

Ways to fix a thermal shutdown in an HP computer

Solutions to fix the HP thermal shutdown issue are mentioned below; look at the solution and keep trying each solution one by one.    

Solution 1: Clean the vents and inspect the fans

While using laptops dust and debris can enter the vents of your HP computer. This can obstruct the airflow and thus, it can result in overheating of the HP computer. You should check the vents and clean them carefully, if any dust or debris is found there. You can use canned air to remove the dust from the vents to improve the airflow to avoid the overheating issue. Check the fans in your HP computer whether they are working properly or not. If the fans are not working properly then you may need to visit an HP service center to fix them.

Solution 2: Try to increase the efficiency to reduce heat

If you are using multiple applications on your computer at the same time or playing graphically intense video games on it then it works harder and generates more heat. In such a case, you will need to close the applications that you are not using right now or lower the game resolution and decrease the graphic intensity. 

Solution 3: Make sure there is adequate ventilation

You should place your computer upright and, on a sturdy level surface to provide proper ventilation to it. You should keep at least 15.25 cm (6 in) of clearance around each vent. It can help to avoid the HP thermal shutdown issue.

Solution 4: Try to place the computer in a cooler room

It is always recommended to place the computer in a cooler room or office. Thus, you can save your computer’s component from failing due to overheating. You can also move your computer to a room that has proper ventilation.  

Solution 5: Use HP software to manage the internal temperature

You can use HP CoolSense technology to manage the temperature inside the computer and prevent heating. You can read each section’s temperature data and then fix it by using CoolSense technology.         

Solution 6: Contact HP Customer Support

After trying the above solution, we hope that the HP thermal shutdown issue will be fixed. If the above solutions do not work out then you can also contact the HP support team or you can directly call on HP number.  


In brief, an HP computer can be overheated due to various reasons. To fix the HP thermal shutdown issue you will need to apply various tactics. In this article, we have mentioned the solutions that will be very helpful for you all to fix the thermal shutdown problem in the HP laptop.

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