Guide to resolve the “How to clean print heads?” query

Hewlett Packard, or as globally recognized, HP is the most effective and reliable brand in the technology industry. It offers personal computers, laptops, and printers along with a ton of other related accessories. Offering various hi-tech features or characteristics for several different models of laptops and printers, HP managed to reach the top and hasn’t stepped down the ladder ever since. Talking about the HP printer, we found many issues and queries reported on clean print heads. And hence, we decided to focus this entire read on discussing the ideology in-depth, and the detailed steps to solve issues faced.

clean print heads

What is meant by clean print heads?

HP Printers are exclusively designed with state-of-the-art technology, and yes, you’ve heard it true, Hp keeps on improving all its tech-savvy product features as and when they hit the market (and sometimes even before its launch with in-house technology). Here, you’ll learn what clean print heads mean.

Clean print heads increase the effectiveness of the printer performance with better ink flow. Often, cleaning of the print heads gets compared with maintenance of cars. The process simply involves getting rid of excessive ink from the printhead to better the outputs for the print jobs sent to it.

Understand the automatic cleaning process

The automatic procedure to clean print heads is the most preferred method for improvement. And this section of the read will walk you through the functioning of the procedure.

Printers are designed with self-cleaning abilities that clean blocks the printer heads by using air to flush the nozzles. The air knocks out the dry printing ink in the cartridge and pushes it out.

Find out how to clean HP inkjet printer heads

As stated earlier, HP offers several models of both laptops and printers. One of which is the Inkjet model variant. This section of the read will walk you through a simple procedure that would help you to clean print heads, automatically. So, let’ get on it:

  1. Choose to put the HP Toolbox application (on your computer) to use.
  2. Go for the “Windows” button on your keyboard or the “Start” key on-screen.
  3. Get into the “All Programs” option and hit on HP Toolbox from the list.
  4. Direct yourself to the “Printer services” key and hit on “Clean Print Heads”.
  5. Follow the prompted on-screen instructions (that’ll be based on printer models).


  • If you are using MAC then, locate HP Inkjet Utility instead of the HP Toolbox application.
  • If this procedure does not give you desired result, it is highly recommended that you try the manual procedure to clean print heads.

How to create a printhead cleaning solution?

This particular section of the read will walk you through the best ways to clean print heads manually. You should know that there are tons of readymade solutions that you can opt for. They are available both online and in hardware stores. You may even find various solution kits with syringes and/or piping tubes that will help you in doing the job more easily and accurately.

But, if you are looking for ways to create a solution at home to clean print heads, here’s what you can go for:

  • Try using 100% isopropyl alcohol (this can be a little harsh on the printer heads but works well with difficult clogs).
  • Another recipe is to make a solution with water and rubbing alcohol (50% for both ingredients).
  • Also, go for creating a cleaning solution with Windex (80%) and rubbing alcohol (20%).

Get help from the customer support team by HP

We believe that these suggested solutions and elaborated steps would prove to be effective as and when you decide to clean print heads. But, if, for any reason, you find it difficult to reach the optimum fix to this problem, you are recommended to go to the HP Printer Help or the HP Printer Assistant. These are two exclusive services by HP that can be very helpful in cleaning your print heads.


No technology brand provides as many tech-savvy products as HP. It offers premium-level tech features that exist in the world and designs its product to benefit users all across the globe. The detailed read above focuses on a small issue with HP printers- cleaning the printer heads, and the answer to how you can clean print heads, both automatically and manually.

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