How to fax wirelessly from HP Printer?

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fax wirelessly from hp printer

If you remember how the traditional HP fax machines work? You know that the heavy machines need to have a wired connection to a phone line to carry information for sending and receiving a fax. With the transformation, today the digital printers and high –speed internet have made it possible to send a hp printer fax even without a phone line.

The advanced printers from HP enable you to even send an email to the fax machine. With the alternations, the modern HP printer offers the ability to send the fax without wire. The latest machines offered by HP are the wireless fax machines for your convenience that enable you to send hp printer fax without a phone line.

Printer Essentials to consider

If you want to send wireless fax through the HP printer, it is only possible on the latest models of Hp printers that have a wireless network card. If your printer is connected with a wireless network, then you have the ability to send wireless fax.

The earlier versions of HP fax machines that can only be connected through an Ethernet cable or phone connection do not support wireless networks.  The most appropriate solution in such a situation is to scan the documents on your HP printer and then save it on your computers and desktops and then send the fax using other alternatives.

Remember:  It is recommended to install HP Printer Assistant if any problem persists in to enable the fax mode on your Hp Printer.

How can you send a Wireless Fax?

For sending wireless fax, you need to make sure that your computer and printer are switched on and are running on the same connected network. If you have already connected the HP printer with your home or office computer then it is installed on the network and you are good to go to fax your documents. If the HP printer is new, then you must follow the installation instructions for connecting to your network.

Set your documents in the fax tray with a cover page for identifying the document on the receiver’s end. You have to select the “Fax” settings and then enter the number on the receiving end. You have to click on the “Start” option on the machine and then feed the pages to the printer and scan the documents. The hp printer fax without the phone line will work just fine the moment it is linked with the wireless network. Make sure you scan each page before sending the fax if the printer is not having a fax tray.


The article explains the essentials to keep in mind while sending or receiving a fax on a wireless mode of HP Printers. However, if you are still unable to fax wirelessly then it is recommended to get in touch with HP Support assistant via HP official site. You can also download the “HP Print and Scan Doctor” driver which will solve the purpose.

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