How to get your HP Printer out of Sleep Mode?

The brand HP has been on top for a long time for offering laptops and printers with hi-tech features and advancements. Their printers are appreciated, loved, and on-demand throughout. There are high levels of utility that these printers yield. Being up-to-date with all the technology advancements, and services towards a better consumer experience. Although there are times when users face some difficulties in using them. Specifically, when your HP printer won’t wake up from sleep mode.

HP Printer Sleep Mode

HP makes lives better with all its features including the fact that they come as both wired and wireless. Much like our computer screens turning black or switching to display screen savers, HP printers automatically goes into sleep mode after a certain duration of constant non-usage to save power. In simple words, it is like a power saver for your printers. Read on to get a good understanding of the sleep mode on the HP Printers and to know the ways of resolving these issues.

HP Printer Sleep Mode

Let us understand why your HP printer won’t wake up from sleep mode. HP printers come with high resolution and other advanced hi-tech features for quality results and a better consumer experience. But like human beings, machines, too, have lives. There might be some technical glitches that users may face during the lifetime of HP printers, and one of which is the sleep mode upshot. Sleep mode is when your printers go into sleep after a significant time of inactivity to set itself on lower-power. Usually, this can be taken care of with a simple command to the printer but in some cases, users have experienced hindrances where the HP printer won’t wake up from sleep mode. The issue, most commonly, creates chaos and panic in users when HP wireless printers are stuck in sleep mode. But this, too, can be solved by a few simple steps.

Symptoms of The Problem

Here are the symptoms that you may notice when dealing with the problem:

  • The power indicator has a moderate pulse.
  • The dimming of the power light.
  • Turning black of the control panel displays.

HP Printer Disable Sleep Mode

HP has introduced an additional service to help users with any issue or problem that may fall while using the HP wired and wireless printers- HP Printer Assistant. But according to this service, there is no way to disable this to resolve the trouble. It has been noticed that the “HP printer won’t wake up from sleep mode” issue is usually resolved by simply sending another print or scan job to the printer. But if not fixed, what is the other way to go? Let’s see. Steps to adjust the printer settings for resolving the “HP Printer won’t wake up from sleep mode” hurdle:

  1. Press the “Menu” button> Go to “General Setup”> Then to “Ecology”> And then “Sleep Time”.
  2. Either use the dial pad to set the idle time before the machine goes to the Sleep Mode.
  3. Press the button that says “OK”> Press “Stop” or “Exit”.

NOTE: The alternative to this is to press the “START” and “OPTIONS” button simultaneously to see “Sleep Mode: ON” and then use the “UP” or “DOWN” buttons to turn it off. And then follow steps 3 and 4 as mentioned above.


Despite being the world leader in manufacturing laptops and printers with hi-tech features, users still face some issues with the printers. The most common problem that brings in panic is the “HP Printer won’t wake up from sleep mode” issue. Symptoms like moderate power pulse, dimming power light, and black display of the control panel shows that your HP printer has entered the sleep mode. Even though there is no direct way to disable the sleep mode, there are still ways to resolve the issue. Mentioned above are the resolution steps to help you with it and give you a refined printing experience.

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