How to print double sided on HP Printer?

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How to print double sided

Printing, these days have become very easy. Just one command from your PC and you have a print-ready in seconds. Many tech companies manufacture printers but one among them stands apart HP printers. HP printers are known globally for their quality and durability. Millions of people use HP printers in their homes and offices. Also, these printers can easily be connected to computers running both Mac and Windows 10 operating systems.

There are many topics to discuss, but today we will talk on how to print double-sided pages on an HP printer. In other words, how to print on both sides of a paper on the HP printer. Here you can contact HP support but if you wish to do it yourself, here is how you can. Printing on both sides in technical terms is called “Duplex Printing”. Here is how to set up duplex printing on a Mac computer.

First things first, load your printer tray with enough blank pages so that the process does not stop in between. Secondly, make sure that you have installed HP Print and Scan Doctor on your PC or laptop.

Open the file that you want to print
  • Click on “File” then click “Print” and then “Show Details” (look for two-sided option)
  • If the option is visible then your printer supports duplexing. So click in the checkbox to enable it.
  • Now click “Layout” in the unnamed print options menu, then select a binding option from the Two-Sided menu, and again click “Print”.

But, what if the double-sided printing is not available automatically? It can obviously be done manually. Follow the below-given instructions carefully to print on both sides of the paper.

Apart from doing it manually, you can also get in touch with HP Printer Assistant; they can guide you and resolve any issues related to your HP printer.

Part A: Print the front side

  1. First, identify your printer paper tray type
  2. Select “Paper Handling” from the unnamed menu at the center of the window, and then select “Odd Only” from the Pages to Print
  3. Depending on your printer, select one of the following settings from the Page Order menu:
  • Rear loading paper tray: Select Automatic
  • Front-loading paper tray: Select Reverse
  1. Then Click on “Print”.

When all the pages are printed, remove any remaining unprinted paper from the input tray, and then continue to the next step.

Part B: Print the backside

  1. To print the other side, you need to know which way will be the printed material read. Like, Remove featured image a booklet or like a tablet.
  2. Now, load the pages in the input tray, and then set up the print job
  3. Remove the first side pages from the output tray, tap the stack on a flat surface to align the pages, and then load them into the input tray.
  • Booklet – flip pages so that the printed side faces down and load them “top edge down”.
  • Tablet – flip pages so that the printed side faces down and load them “top edge up”.
  1. Return to the Print menu in the document, and then select “Even Only” from the Pages to Print menu.
  2. Select Automatic from the Page Order menu and then click “Print”

The output would be double-sided print.

The above procedure can be applied to print double-sided on Word and Google docs. But, if you were not able to complete the above task you can call the HP Number to help you out.

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