How to reset HP Printer to factory settings?

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HP Printers are known for providing special printing and scanning features to their customers. This is the reason when you go to purchase printers you might end up choosing HP Printers to fulfill your printing needs. Despite being an efficient printer of all times, HP starts displaying errors and creates hassle in your work. In this situation, a user feels stuck and ultimately decides to reset the printer. You can do it manually, in case you do not want to use the HP Printer Assistant. Without further delay, let us learn the process to reset HP Printer to its factory settings so that it starts working as it should be.

Steps to factory reset HP Printer

(Note: the steps mentioned below will work the HP Printer models such as HP DeskJet3635, HP DeskJet GT 5820, HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 and 3835, HP Ink Tank Wireless 410, HP LaserJet M1005, HP LaserJet Pro CP1025 and CP1025nw color Printers)

Resetting your HP Printer will not reset the page count, tray size, or language of the printer. Here are the steps to reset the HP Printer to factory settings:

  1. First of all, you have to turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the wall socket.
  2. After 30 seconds, reconnect it and turn on the printer. Do this by holding the “Resume” button for about 10-20 seconds until the (!) Attention light turns on.
  3. Now, release the “Resume” button and this action will make the “attention” and “Ready” lights blow in a circular motion.

To hard reset HP Printer, you can go through the same process. Now, your HP printer has been reset successfully, ready to be used anew. In case, you are unable to do it by yourself, get help from HP Scan Doctor.

Method for HP Printer password reset

  1. To initiate the process, go to the “Home” menu of your HP Printer and tap on the “Right” arrow.
  2. After this, select the “Setup” menu followed by the “Network” option.
  3. Now, you have to scroll down to find “Restore Network Defaults” and click on it.
  4. Here, you have to tap on the “Yes” option and wait until the process goes on.
  5. Navigate to the “Control Panel” followed by “Devices and Printers”. Here you will see the icon of your HP Printer on which you have to right-click.
  6. Now, go to its properties and hit the Password icon.
  7. Here, you can type in your new password and then save the changes.

Resetting HP Printer to its default settings or resetting the HP Printer password is easy if you follow the steps mentioned in this article carefully. If not, you might need to take help from HP Support executives.

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