HP driver update tool Windows 10 to fix HP driver issues

Many HP users are suffering from inaccuracies while updating their HP drivers in Windows 10 PC. They have complaints about HP products not working properly. We have seen countless reports from consumers wherein they complained about the HP Driver-related issues on Windows 10 Forum. For instance – error with the Broadcom 802 after installing HP drivers on Windows 10, or failure in connecting HP devices with the internet after Windows 10 upgrade, No Wi-Fi, or “HP Printer Not Working or detected”.

HP driver update tool

You must have the latest updates of HP drivers installed on the new Windows 10 PC for better performance. Also, you need to update HP drivers with the HP driver update tool to resolve issues with Windows 10 related to HP hardware and devices.

HP driver update tool

This article is dedicated to educating HP users on how to install and use the “Windows Update” tool to update HP drivers and software. Windows Update is an HP driver update tool windows 10 which automatically determines which update your computer wants and installs them. Just remember to have an uninterrupted internet connection while downloading and installing Windows Update.

Please note that you can also update your HP driver via Device Manager. For more information, you can contact HP Support via phone call.

Installing updates with HP driver Update Tool on Windows 10, 8 and 7

Use the following steps to install updates

First, you need to download updates on your device:

  1. In Windows, search for and open “Windows Update Settings”
  2. Select “Check for Updates”
  • If updates available, it will automatically launch the update process
  1. Restart your PC once the updates are installed

How to check for updates in Windows 10 with HP driver update tool?

Find and install updates for HP hardware and software drivers like HP printer Assistant for Windows 10 PC:

  1. Restart your PC to ensure any updates that are previously downloaded are installed correctly
  2. In Windows 10, look for and open “Windows Update”
  • The menu panel for Windows Update opens
  1. Select any of the following options on the Windows Update panel if available:
  • If updates are presentable for download, click Install now
  • If you don’t see any updates in the list, click on “Check for Updates” and click “Install Now” once Windows PC detects latest updates
  1. Restart your PC to ensure the updates are installed properly

For more information, contact HP Support via phone call and live chat option available on the official website of Hewlett Packard.

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