HP laptop randomly turns off- Troubleshooting tips

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Like any other device, you might also face issues with your HP laptops, where you see that your HP laptop randomly turns off without giving you any prior notification. And this situation is for sure a frustrating phase for the users. This article is all about knowing the root cause behind this issue and the tips to get rid of this situation. You need to understand that there can be several reasons that can be responsible for this issue. Just follow the instructions given in this article, where you will get detailed information related to the issue.

HP laptop randomly turns off

Reasons behind HP laptop shut down randomly

In this section, you will find out the information that can significantly help you to know the reason behind this abrupt shut down so that you can take preventive steps to fix them up:

  1. Overheating: One of the most common issues is when your laptop gets overheated; you can resolve this issue by a coolant paste that you can apply on the processor. You can get it done by taking your laptops to the laptop repair shops or else you can buy a cooling pad.
  2. Battery running low: This is one of the issues happens after the long usage of laptops or excessive charging. You just need o check your battery if it’s working fine or not, if not then you needs to buy a battery. Make sure that the battery is having the same amperes that are required on your laptops also it is recommended to keep your computers and PCs plugged in if the battery is running low.
  3. Hardware failure: This is not an ordinary problem, and you cannot fix it by yourself. Make sure that the service center has sufficient expertise to examine your laptop.
  4. Virus-infected computer or PC: One of the most common issues that your computer or PC might infect with virus. You do not need to panic you can easily resolve this issue by downloading and installing a proficient antivirus solution on your device.
  5. The issue with the RAM: Sometimes, the RAM crashing problem occurs randomly. To fix this issue, you can release your Ram, cool and clean it out and then attach it again. You can visit the HP Support webpage for technical assistance.
  6. No servicing of the laptop for long: Be it the latest version of hp 2000 or any other device, if you do not take your laptops and PCs for a regular checkup to the HP service center then there are chances of your laptop getting affected.
  7. Faulty or no power supply: There might be some cases, where there is the faulty power supply, it is the most perilous problem ever faced by the user, result in which a computer can go dead. It is recommended to change your source of power supply as soon as possible.

What can you do if HP Laptop shuts down without warning?

One of the most prominent questions that come into every user’s mind is what if the error still persists. What happens if the solutions to every possible reason fail even after the application of the solution? Well, there is a simple answer, you can simply uninstall and then reinstall the Windows software on your device. Doing this, will remove all the possible viruses from your computers and PCs and hence it will allow smooth functioning of your device.

HP laptop randomly turns off in sleep mode

There are some cases, where you experience that your laptops don’t work and randomly goes to sleep mode. If this is the situation, then it is recommended to take your laptop to the service center to get it fixed. There is no other alternative to this issue, and this is the only way out if your laptop automatically goes into the sleep mode without any warning.

For further assistance: If the HP laptop randomly turns off issue still persists, then it is advised to take the help from technicians who are available 24*7 via the HP Support page. The technicians will assist you with the best possible solution.

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