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Fix Common HP Laptop Errors

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Hewlett Packard or HP is the manufacturer for tech products such as Hp printers, Hp laptops, Hp Desktop, notebooks, and related software. The products from HP are appreciated worldwide. Along with a variety in their product range, HP delivers HP Laptop support for any issues with quick solutions. The expert technicians at HP are available 24*7 to assist you. From delivering the best products to hearing and solving the customer issue HP provides the alternatives to solve your issues.

The experts at HP manufacture all the devices and the models and they perform a quality check for a smooth function of all the HP devices before delivering it to the markets. Like all the devices, the performance of the HP devices also degrades over the period. To solve these issues or to set the devices back to their optimum use, you can call HP Laptop Support Phone Number.

You might face some common error while you are an HP product user.

You cannot deny the fact that an error can occur in any device and at any point of time, in some situations, the error may affect the product and creates a situation wherein the product completely stops working. Therefore, it has become important to fix these errors right after they occur in your Hp laptops.

Why you may need HP Laptop support?

Your HP laptop may face any kind of issue because of various reasons. Now you do not need to worry about such issues in your HP laptop because HP delivers HP Laptop tech support. In order to perform Laptop troubleshoot, you can get your queries solved. Some of the common HP Laptop issues are mentioned below-

  • 01)

    You can get troubleshooting help on HP drivers and software

  • 02)

    You can find the essential software, firmware, and drivers for HP laptops

  • 03)

    Issues with the printing process, scanning, and fax with HP laptop

  • 04)

    With the help of the HP customer service, you can resolve the Windows update issues on your HP laptop.

  • 05)

    Wireless network issues occurring on your laptop

  • 06)

    No power or boot system

  • 07)

    HP System Recovery is not working

  • 08)

    Unable to log in to Windows on screen

  • 09)

    Performance issues in your laptop, processor become slow

  • 10)

    Issues related to Notebook keyboard, Click Pad and Touchpad

  • 11)

    Issues related to Display and touch screen

Note: – If you are facing any of these problems on your laptop, you can get help from the HP laptop tech support on it. You just need to dial the HP Laptop Support Phone Number when you want to contact to the HP Laptop tech support service providers.

How to fix when HP Laptop errors show up?

HP laptops are known for their advanced features, superior build quality, and reliable performance. Still, the majority of you do face some of the common problems and errors in these computer systems. If you are also facing any kind of error problem in your HP laptop or PC and are looking for Laptop troubleshoot solutions then you can get connected to the HP technical support team via HP Laptop Support Phone Number.

Now, you do not need to worry to find any kind of help related to any kind of issue in your HP laptop. If you also need support services, you just need to dial the HP Laptop Support Phone number and the technicians will be there to will solve every problem and query, instantly for you.

Error: Keyboard light on/off in HP laptop

Solution: If the backlight of your laptop stays on for only a few seconds, the backlight timeout setting might need configuration in the BIOS.

  • 01)

    Restart your HP laptop, and then immediately press the F10 button repeatedly until the BIOS opens.

  • 02)

    When the BIOS open, you have to use the arrow keys to navigate to the Advanced

  • 03)

    Navigate to Built-in Device Options on your desktop, and then press Enter.

  • 04)

    In the Built-in Device Options, you have to select the Backlit keyboard timeout.

  • 05)

    Press the space bar to open the keyboard backlight settings, and then select the timeout setting as per your want.

The backlight turns off after being turned on

Depending on the timeout setting on your HP laptop, the backlight turns off after a period of inactivity. To turn on the backlight again, you need to press any key on the keyboard or tap the touchpad, depending on your models.

Error: Reset HP Laptop to factory Setting failure

Solution: To fix this error you need to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • 01)

    Go to Settings–>then Update & Security option –>click on Recovery option –>Advanced startup, click Restart now.

  • 02)

    In the new window, you have to select Troubleshoot option –> Advanced options –> Command prompt.

  • 03)

    Next, you have to select the administrator account.

  • 04)

    Provide the credentials for the admin account.

  • 05)

    Finally, in the Command Prompt window, you need to type following commands and press the Enter key

    • a)

      cd %windir%\system32\config
      ren system system.001
      ren software software.001

  • 06)

    You can close the Command Prompt window, which will take you to the Windows Recovery Environment screen.

  • 07)

    Now, select the Continue option to get into your operating system.

  • 08)

    Reboot your laptop, after a reboot, you’ll find that error is now resolved.

Once the packages are downloaded, proceed to install them. The process of installation is simple and usual. Now, for further settings in the driver, you may follow the steps below.


Errors: HP drivers update failure

If you are unable to update your HP Support Assistant driver, you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • 01)

    Open the HP Support Assistant driver, which is visible on the top right of the windows. Then, click on “Settings”.

  • 02)

    Set the “Day of the week” and “Timing” to the day and time, you want to receive updates and messages from HP Support Assistant driver.
    Note: – You can set the date and timing under “Next HP updates and message are scheduled for:” option.

  • 03)

    Click on “Save” to continue.

  • 04)

    HP Support Assistant driver will check the updates from the day and time, which you have selected while doing the manual changes to the day and time.


HP laptops are the most recommended device when it comes to purchasing an asset. Yet, like any other devices, it may show some of the common errors. In order to fix each error, you need to get in touch with the HP Laptop tech support, which is there to provide you the best laptop troubleshoot solutions to fix your issues.


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