Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Printing was invented even before the computer was conceptualized. And yes, of course, the way of printing has changed as technology evolved through centuries. Well, operating a printer is now as easy as pressing a button! Printing may seem easy, but sometimes there are errors and malfunctioning of these devices. Out of possible errors or issues that you could face while using HP printers is that it prints but the outcome is a blank page. So let us learn as what you can do to stop your printer printing blank pages. We are here talking about HP printers, but if you are using other printers you can still try these steps or take the help of HP Printer Assistant.

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Following is a checklist for a possible issue with your printer printing blank pages.

Query – Why is my hp printer printing blank pages?

Empty Cartridges – The first thing you need to take a print is ink and if there is no ink or even less ink in the cartridge; the printer will surely throw out blank pages.

Hence the solution to the issue is to refill the ink or replace the cartridge so that you get prints normally. Also to check if the printer has the necessary amount of ink before you give a print.

Query – hp printer printing blank pages after cartridge change

Incorrect Cartridge – It happens that despite the cartridge being full, the hp printer isn’t working as it should. After giving the print command, the printer responds but does not print. This possible issue could be because the cartridge is not properly connected to the printer.

The solution to this is to carefully remove the cartridge and refit it on to its place. So when this is done, you actually complete an electrical circuit which in turn allows the flow of current and the printer shall working as normal.

Query – hp printer has ink but printing blank pages

Wrong Paper Size – Surprisingly this too can be a reason for your hp printer’s issue of giving out blank pages on the print command. Usually, printers have a default paper size and if you have papers that are of incorrect dimensions, then there is a high possibility for your printer will not give you the desired print.

This happens because most printers have a default paper size setting so be aware that if you choose to print a different size of paper than the default values then do not forget to change the printer setting accordingly. Else the printer will be confused and may end up giving wrong prints or simply give out blank pages.

Query – hp printer printing blank pages with symbols

This possibly can be the issue when you have not used the printer for a long time and there are possibilities that you haven’t plugged in the printer cable with the PC or laptop properly. The logical solution is to remove the cartridge and fix it on its place carefully. Another way is to check whether its wire is plugged in properly or not. Remove the wire and re-plug in to enjoy printing. if you are unable to fix this problem on your own, then you may seek help from HP Support team.

The above are the common problems that people face about hp printers and here we have tried to give the best so that you can rectify small problems by you own.

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