HP Printer waiting for web services

Allowing HP Printer to connect with web services means setting up secured communication channels over the Internet to access Web-connected printing services, including HP ePrint cloud printing, HP Printer apps, and HP instant Ink delivery services. Availability of each service depends on your HP Printer model, country and language.

HP Printer waiting for web services

To know if your country/region supports HP web services. You can find out through “HP connected” and then go through the drop-down list of countries/regions and languages to find out whether your country and language is listed or not.

HP ePrint is a cloud-based printing service that allows users to print from anywhere through a secured and active network. Users can email the document or photo they want to print directly to the printer.

HP Printer apps are the web services that can be used with HP connected printers including HP scan to Email, HP Quick Forms, and HP JetAdvantage Private Print. The availability of HP Printer apps varies from model to model and the country you live in, or the language you prefer.

HP Instant Ink Delivery Services refers to low-cost Ink cartridge replacement services that are available only on eligible printers in some country/region. The printer sends Ink level information to HP via an active Internet connection.

How to know if the HP printer waiting for web services?

HP printer waiting for web services is a common issue that may appear due to several known and unknown reasons but the common one is poor internet connectivity. Take a quick glance at error messages that indicates “HP printer stuck on waiting for web services”.

  • Server Connection error which means there is a problem while connecting to the server. Click “retry” or OK to exit.
  • Unable to connect to web services. Confirm Internet access and try again.
  • Web services problem indicates there is a problem while connecting to the web services.

What to do if HP printer waiting for web services?

If you receive any of the above messages, resulting in the failure of HP printer connection with printing web services, you can try the following methods to resolve the issue.

  • Restart the HP Printer: Reboot the printer as it will resolve any existing problem that is causing hindrances with connectivity.
  • Restart the router: Rebooting your Internet router can clear any possible issue with connectivity. Get in touch with your router manufacturer or internet service provider for technical assistance on how to restart the router.
  • Make sure your HP printer is connected.
  • First check the green light if your printer is connected through an Ethernet cable.
  • Check the wireless printing feature is on and the printer is connected to the same network.  And also check the router band settings.
  • Check if there are other devices and signal interrupting the network.
  • Move the router and printer close together.

If the connectivity problem still persists, you can contact HP customer service for technical assistant on how to reconnect HP printer with web services. You can also use HP Printer Assistant Driver to diagnose the problem before you place a call on HP Customer service.

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