HP Printer Won’t Print Black

If you confront an error with HP Printers that says, “HP Printer won’t print black” or missing in colors even with a newly installed Ink cartridge, don’t agitate.

HP Printer Won’t Print Black

Have you ever noticed that it never occurs to the mind to refill the cartridges until the cartridges are empty? You desperately want to print some documents and your printer’s black ink has nowhere to be seen. It is one of the most common issues that users face while using HP Printers because black is the most used color in the cartridge.

Things you should be aware of while searching for a possible solution

There are multiple reasons exist that might trigger the issue at any point of time in your printer’s lifespan. So you’ll be prompted to find the root of the problem to ensure an effective solution to resolve the issue. The best way to know how to fix HP printer Won’t Print Black issue is to go through the whole article as it gives you several hints to eliminate the causes one by one.

Also, make sure to exterminate issues as soon as possible to resume printing your documents uninterrupted. You may also browse Google and search for reliable troubleshooting steps, but a high probability is that you return to the starting point with empty hands. For the convenience of people suffering or likely to suffer from this issue, we have mustered a set of guidelines you can implement to resolve the issue. Sit tight and keep your eyes fixed on the screen because a small misstep could lead to another failure and complicate things even further.

How to fix HP Printer Won’t Print Black issue?

Follow the procedure exactly as mentioned to ensure the removal of error:

Check the Ink Cartridge Status

You need to go to the “Control Panel” to navigate Ink levels. How to check ink cartridges might vary from model to model.

Remove the plastic tap from your new cartridge

Make sure to remove the plastic cover from your new cartridge before you install it in your HP Printer. If left unchecked, you might not be able to print. Therefore, reassure to remove the black ink cartridge and peel off the protective tape.

Clean the Cartridge

Use a cotton swab to wipe out dust and dried ink from the print header.

Accomplish print Cartridge Alignment

“Self-Test Diagnostic” and “Print Cartridge Alignment” can help you eliminate the error “HP Printer Won’t Print Black”. If a message pop-up on your screen indicating the “Print Cartridge Alignment failed”, you should load A4 size papers > Press “Setup” > Select “Tools” and press OK > Select” Align Printer Cartridge” and press OK.

Your printer will adjust and you’ll be able to print the alignment page.

Run Diagnostic Software

If all possible solutions seem to be fading, you need to download and run “HP Print and Scan Doctor” available from HP official site. You can also download the HP Printer Assistant to find out the best possible solution for the issue.

When all doors are closed, the best option yet remains in your hands – HP Customer Service. You can contact for expert support to resolve the issue.

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